Types of vending machines you can hire.

Types of vending machines you can hire.

If you run a business that has multiple employees such as a warehouse or office, then it’s important to understand the nutritional needs of your staff and how this can optimise your workforce to boost production.

By allowing easy and affordable access to hydration and protein, you will have a much more healthy, alert and highly productive worker, as if he or she has not brought any provisions, then it could cause unwanted irritation, dehydration and minor starvation.

As much as this may sound extreme right now, it does happen where vending machines are not made available in places of work that have employees working 8 to 12 hours shifts on a regular basis, leaving people exhausted, especially if their nutritional needs have not been sufficiently catered for.

There are so many different types of vending machines that would provide the ideal solution, although the right machine for you would depend on firstly, how many staff you need to provide for and whether you want a custom made or standard type of machine, as you can actually have bespoke vending machines designed to suit your own specific business branding.

Here is 5 different types of vending machines available for hire:

Bespoke Vending Machines: Maybe you have a large canteen which has a specific amount of space or need a range of drinks and snacks within your office or warehouse and want a bespoke shape of  machine with your own company branding included, whatever your needs may be, some of the best companies that hire vending machines across the UK, offer a complete bespoke vending machine engineering solution, along with the on-going maintenance of the machine itself. You are only limited by your own imagination.

Cold Drink Vending Machines: If you want a large variety of cold drinks such as cartons, bottles, or cans that includes some of the UK’s most popular soft drink brands like Britvic and Coca Cola, then this type of vending machine is your ideal choice and can come fully stocked and ready to go, so you can keep your workforce hydrated with their most favorite drinks. Nothing beats a nice cold Coke when your feeling parched!

Fresh Food & Sandwich Vending Machines: Whether you need a vending machine for your hospital, university, factory or office, these types of machines can be loaded with a massive range of nutritious hot and cold food such as delicious sandwiches, savories or even full hot meals to fulfill a hungry appetite. Your staff will never go hungry again and will have a wide choice of meat and or vegetarian options, so you can literally cater for any need, depending on the nutritional needs of individual staff members.

Hot Drinks Vending Machines: Quick and efficient hot drinks vending machines are a popular choice in all workplaces as tea and coffee for most of us, is a way of life, and some people even say they cease to function in the early mornings without a nice sharp cuppa coffee to give them a boost, so don’t deny your workforce their human right to a strong espresso or a nice blend of coffee to get their senses tingling with delight! Many of these types of machines are available from table tops machines, free standing and espresso machines that dispense a wide range of chocolate, coffee, tea and even a selection of soups in some cases.

Snacks & Confectionery Vending Machines: Although snacks and confectionery are a treat for most of us, they provide a nice boost when on a short work break, in many cases, keeps people more alert and feeling satisfied. With snack and confectionery vending machines you can offer your staff easy access to a selection of the most popular chocolate, crisps and sweet brands available in the UK.

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